Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dance & Food - What Else Is There?

Although not exactly a "secret," I think Mamasita is one of the most incredible and underplayed spots in the Washington region. With bellydancing as the core of the studio's offerings, it has all kinds of physical arts from the African diaspora - everything from Afro-Cuban Orisha dancing to Samba. (The photo above is of a painting in the sitting area at Mamasita.)

While the instructors' knowledge is staggering, it's really all about the atmosphere they create. In bellydancing, it's never just about shaking the booty and making sure the hands are at a certain angle - the power of the dance as a healing and blessing to the world and the people around us is the foundation of the experience. Consequently, joy and love radiate from the very walls of that place, and every time I leave there, I feel settled more deeply into myself - yet not that small self wrapped up in the bullshit...more the transcendent self who knows that love, peace and ecstasy is what it's all about. Mamasita is a temple to all that's good in the human experience, and I'm so grateful to dance there.

This past weekend also saw some yummy treats in the kitchen. I cooked up some green peppers, onions and zucchini, folded it into some corn tortillas and topped it with a homemade salsa made of tomatillos, garlic, chili peppers and pumpkin seeds. I also sprinkled a mixture of corn, black beans and tomatoes over it and baked the whole thing. Really good stuff.

After that came another fig-walnut tart in a walnut crust. (Has anyone done a study to see if heroin is actually derived from figs? I suspect that smack and the fruit are somehow related.) Grandmother Bear helped with this one, as always. For more info on why this makes sense, go here.

The first photo is of the crust, which is blind baked in a deep-sided, fluted tart pan. The second is of the finished product, with the roasted figs inside - this time I added cardamom to the honey lemon glaze.

Below is an image of the lovely Lady Lakshmi taken at Mamasita. One of Her roles in India and throughout the world is as a provider of abundance. May She always grace our lives with an abundance of love and deep joy! (Oh, yes, and figs - let's not forget the figs.)


Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

Mamasita sounds like a good dancing and envigorating place to visit! :)

Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

Baking with Grandmother Bear again I see.

I do wish we could spend a day baking for our beloveds. Perhaps the day after Winter Camp could be devoted to baking pie and tarts?

Mamasita truly sounds wonderful. I will have to visit the place with you some day.

Mark I I have be planning your move to Minneapolis again. We chant, 'Resistance is futile!' And then we laugh and laugh.

RodinAZ said...

Where do you come up with this stuff. Can you work miracles with ramen? If you can, you were holding back during our starvation period. Thank God, that Deb's meal plan saved us from wasting away!

Anonymous said...

Right?! Oh, my God, that was such a culinary disaster. I haven't eaten Ramen since and certainly not with a toothbrush after having "cooked" it on a glorified bunsen burner. Eeeeeek!