Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Peachy, thanks

I went berserk with peaches this past weekend. At the farmer's market in Dupont Circle, there were peaches galore and I responded by buying up bags and bags of them.

One variety is called a "flame peach," and it's so succulent. I used these peaches for my yearly delight of peach-rosemary jam. With this variety, though, when boiled down, the juices are a deep blush color - just gorgeous. (This week's jam was made with some Faery help - thanks, loves!)

I also bought beautiful white peaches, combined them with black raspberries and a splash of rose water for a delightful pie.

Grandmother Bear has been particularly vocal lately about the need to "eat more pie, so when you die you'll be that much more the sweeter." I usually speak this spell to my pie crust while I'm rolling it out, and then once the shell is filled, I place a love-filled kiss on the top of the pastry.

Last week, I made a blackberry, raspberry and gooseberry pie that was a spell for abundance. It was only after my husband and I ate the entire thing in one evening that I remembered the spell that went into it. Magick is real, kittens!

Luckily, I had some white peaches left over, so this morning, I sliced one up to put on top of my corn pancakes, along with some wine berries (a relative of the raspberry, according to the farmer who sold them to me) and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of these treats, because I lost my little digital camera. I'll be getting a new one in the next week or so, so more home-done photos will be forthcoming.

I'd love to hear about other people's summer baking adventures. These are ancient magickal acts that connect us to our ancestors, Gaia, the Fae and our deepest selves, plus it's just damned yummy!

UPDATE: Today's Washington Post featured this fun article about pie baking with a popular pastry chef. Enjoy!


Grace said...

I'm not a pie girl normally, but after reading this, it's all I can do not to run out and find some peaches of my own! LOL

Honestly, I've never heard of making pie spells. What a lovely idea and very Zenny. It's all about intention and focus and gratitude, isn't it? :) I've been having meditative experiences with making salads lately.

(If it were me eating half a pie with my hubby (if I had one), the true "abundance" would be the gaining of inches around my tummy! lolol)

Greg Fletcher-Marzullo said...

I'm choosing to go with the idea that fruit pies really aren't bad for you. After all, it's just fruit, right?! (Hence, my having a piece of that white peach/black raspberry for lunch today and instantly feeling better about being at work.)

Oh, yes, pie spells rock! I draw spells with flour on the dough before rolling or on the board. I thank the fruit, nuts, chocolate, whatever that goes into it. It's all so amazing.

I really got into this because of my dear friend Donald Engstrom-Reese and his own dedication to the domestic arts, especially pie baking. His site is one of my links and well worth checking out.