Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharing the Dreaming

I just finished watching an amazing film called Whaledreamers. The documentary follows the story of the Mirning people of Australia, a native tribe who, like many under the crushing heel of imperalism, lost their land, culture, and even lives. The Mirning's connections to the whales was part of their cultural and spiritual heritage, and during the course of the film, shamans and holy folk from various cultures throughout the world gather to help the Mirning reconnect to the whale spirit.

One of the documentary's central messages, of course, is that only by coming together and supporting one another's endeavors of peace and love can we and the world survive. Not a new message, but certainly one that clearly needs repeated reminding.

When we connect to the primal elements of our world - the fire, the water, the earth, the air, the song, the dance, the relationship between ourselves and the animal peoples of this world - we are revitalized and walk the paths of beauty and peace.

Who doesn't want that?


RodinAZ said...

I want to see this. I wonder if I can get it from Netflix. I like the idea of different religious traditions converging to revitalize another. So often religious groups are insular and distrusting of outsiders. I can understand why, but with the way the world is changing any religious thought that does not progress and interface with the changing reality begins a slow descent to obscurity.

The Proverbs 31 Woman said...

I pray that your year was full of joy and success and that 2010 will bring favor and prosperity.

Medea Leon said...

Were you in Minneapolis this weekend? I swear I saw someone who looked just like you. It's been a while since we corresponded here.

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