Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yuletide Abundance

Happy Solstice to everyone!

This weekend has been spent in a flurry of baking activity.

So far:

Standard chocolate chip cookies (considering how much I adore them, I've exhibited a shocking amount of restraint by not eating the entire batch on my own)

Pains D'Anis - an exquisite French anise cookie

Ricotta Cookies - Italian cookie with heavy vanilla flavoring, along with Ricotta cheese and a confectioner's sugar-vanilla glaze

Peppermint Cookies - Think homemade Thin Mints with white chocolate coating

And right now, I'm simmering some figs in spices and red-wine to go along with a Winter Fruit Crisp (pears, apples, dried cherries) for dessert tonight.

Dinner is Radicchio and Robiola cheese tortelloni (a kind of ravioli) with homemade pasta.


A little later, I imagine, I'll go decorate a lovely spruce tree outside with some of the cookies - the Fae and other folks will undoubtedly enjoy the yummies.

I'm going out of town for about 5 days, so my blogging will be spotty this week.

May everyone's holidays be full of love, peace, and deep joy!

(The photo above was found at the website of the North Shore Homeowners Association.)


Ms. Cavanaugh said...

This all sounds so good! Can you send me the recipe for the peppermint cookies?

Beverly said...

Damn Greg, I think I gained a couple of pounds just reading your post (sorry for the drooling!). It all sounds so yummy. I don't really have much of a sweet tooth but I love homemade cookies, not only for their yummy goodness but the fact that someone took the time and poured love into making them. Ooooh, those Ricotta cookies sounds divine!

RodinAZ said...

Greg, This sound so yummy and decadent. I wish you a happy holiday! Rod

Beverly said...

Dear Greg, Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and that all your dreams come true in the New Year!