Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tears In My Eyes

Upon hearing the news of Obama's victory, I started to cry with relief and a real sense of hope for this nation and the world. What a grand day!!!

I'm still in Minneapolis after going to a witch gathering called Earth Conclave. I've gotten to visit with dear beloveds and meet some new folks, too, that I've been hearing about from for years. It was fantastic, and a highlight was walking up to the Bear Mounds, ancient sacred sites in Iowa along the Mississippi River.

I'll be back in Washington on Friday and then deep into yoga teacher training for the weekend, so I'll probably write a real post next Monday or so, moving onward into the journey of the heroic community (something we did ritual work around at Conclave).

Blessings to everyone!


gypsy-heart said...

As it all unfolded I cried too! It was a grand day..and a new energy!!

I look forward to hearing about your trip and your yoga teacher training.
Yoga changed my life. :)

Good energies and peace of heart to you and yours.

Beverly said...

Obama's in ~ and I'm still walking on air!!!