Monday, June 30, 2008

Juno, Goddess of Intentional Relationships

On this, the final day of Juno's sacred month, let's talk a bit about what life is like now for this particular Queen of Heaven (many of the Mysterious Ones like using that honorific, and who can blame them?).

As this month comes to a close, she finishes up one of her busiest times of the year — the month of marriage. She holds the magick of hearth, home and committed, intentional relationships as incredibly powerful and culture-changing, and when invoked during the marriage rite, couples are entering a long heritage of culture workers who changed the world through deep love and co-creation (for what is family, but a co-created grouping of people living in love, honesty, desire and deep joy). She churns these sacred spells every day all across the Earth.

Taking a page from Donald Engstrom-Reese's bios of the Mysterious Ones, I'll organize this one in a similar fashion.

Juno holds a special place in her heart for:
Italian-cut, dark, skirt and tailored jacket suits
High heels (black)
Beaded sandals
Shimmering gowns
Earrings reminiscent of celestial bodies
Bracelets, in particular golden arm cuffs
Glitter (although hers is made of comet- and stardust)
Warm summer nights
Lying in a heap of naked people, everyone petting one another
Fine pastries
Deep, dark chocolate
Latin and island men
Marble floors
A well-swept hearth
Homemade soups
Toasts made at dinner time
Champagne (preferably not rosé)
Flowing dresses (especially at weddings)
Well-tended flower gardens
All children regardless of shape, size, color, body, etc.
Families of choice
Flowing waters, especially rivers with their homes in the mountains
The ocean's waves
All islands, especially the home of dear heart-sister Pele
Beach cook outs
Home baked bread
Well fed families
Loving gazes shared between a man and a woman
The freedom, delight and abandoned lust shared between queer lovers
The magick of pregnancy and childbirth
Sturdy beds
Embroidered bedspreads
The palette of blue and silver

Juno is a friend of the following clans (among many others):
The Lily Clan
The Dog Clan
The Wolf Clan
All Bird Clans
The Bear Clan
The Peacock Clan
The Cabbage Clan
The Cocoa Clan
The Coffee Clan
The Orange Clan
The Lavender Clan
The Rosemary Clan
The Pine Tree Clan
The Snake Clan
The Rose Clan
The Cat Clan
The Horse Clan
The Firefly Clan
The Honeysuckle Clan
The Clan of the Wild Fae

For a bio of Juno, please see the next post.

(Photos come from a variety of spots. Both the beach and pregnancy shots were from; I couldn't find individual credits. The hearth image is from The Stargazer Lily was taken by Derek Ramsey, 2007.)

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Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

My Dearest Gregory,

Thank you so much for this information on Juno. It is lovely and wonderful. It helps me to fill some holes in my understanding between the Sisters; Juno and Hera and their sister/mother Rhea.