Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grandma Hands

While cooking food in the kitchen of Dreamroads Witch Camp with two of my dearest witch sisters in the summer of 2006, I focused on the magickal power of preparing food. Perhaps one of my greatest teachers in this is my lovely heart sister Molly, who is one of the most inspiring kitchen witches I know.

She, our sister Relaeh and I created a beautiful kitchen altar and focused daily on what spiritual support our food could give to this community, and it was an utter delight.

One night was Italian night, and I decided to make a homemade marinara sauce as my family has always done (jarred sauce was sort of a sacrilege in my house - gotta love those Italian drama queens!).

I called on my grandmother Josephine, my father's mother, to be present in my hands, and I felt her nearby, reminding me that she's always there, always working with me in my blood, my ancestral memory, and my kitchen creations. This was especially meaningful for me as she died long before I was born - something I still lament, despite a strong relationship from across the veil.

That day, I made the sauce with a healthy measurement of grandmotherly intuition, and it was wonderful.

Since then, before picking up a spoon or knife in the kitchen, I pray to my grandmothers to be present in my hands, and we cook together (frequently listening to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Connie Francis and Rosemary Clooney). It's a wonderful time for me to connect with them and the wisdom of the home they've passed down to me.

Try it sometime, and don't be surprised if they start making suggestions!

May our ancestors fill our kitchens and food with nourishing love!


Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

My Dear Greg,

We are back from a wonderful Winter Witch Camp.

I am so excited that you are taking this project on. I look forward to many more blog posts.

I am adding you to my website.

I love you.


shiney said...

I remember that wonderful sauce! Thank the goddess for you grandmother!

Little Danny Snow Pants said...

What a sweet sweet treat! More, sister, more!